The History

Vino dei Frati was born in the ancient medieval village of Soriasco, which has its origins probably during the Romans.

The first news of the village date back to the XI century, when a fortress was erected on the top of the hill and fortified with walls along with 12 towers. The fortress had also a castle, which was destructed from the Piacentines around the 1215.

In the historical centre of Soriasco, it is still possible to admire the remains of the walls. One of the towers, built in the XII century and renovated in the 1412, is nowadays the main remains of the fortress.

In front of the Church stands the house of Vino dei Frati which was built in the beginning of XX century. The Faravelli Family was the owner of the house and of all the neighbouring vineyards, which permitted the start of a flourishing agricultural activity of the Valle Versa area.

The Faravelli decided to donate all their heritage to a religious organization, Congregazione della Sacra Famiglia di Nazareth which has continued the wine production activity. The first bottled wines were called Vino dei Frati (literally meaning “Wine of the Friars”). It is from this idea that we decided to celebrate the tradition and history of the place giving the same name to the restaurant.

Recently the Congregazione has sold all the properties to the Tommasi Family, one of the twelve wine makers of the Amarone Families.

The founder and soul of Vino dei Frati, Massimo Gauna, opened a small food and wine club in 2007, along with his soulmate Celeste. At first the small club was a reference point for friends and food lovers, then it started to grow and became a well-known restaurant in the Valle Versa thanks to the passion and devotion of Chef Massimo alongside with word-of-mouth advertising.

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