Vieni a trovarci e prova le nostre specialità

Every customer is welcomed with our traditional piedmontese starters. We believe this is the best way to start every meal.


Vino dei Frati – Il Menù e le Specialità

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Our piedmontese roots are always present in our cuisine. Come and enjoy our homemade pasta or some excellent steak or tartare.

Fresh piedmontese cheese from Valle del Cervo with tomato dices

Beef Carpaccio marinated with orange, served with grana and balsamic vinegar glaze

Beef Tagliata

Main Curses

Homemade Pasta

Our handmade pasta is a special food to revive the experiences of our grandparents. A special type of pasta which is the flagship of the Italian food worldwide.

Ricotta Cheese and Spinach Tortelli with butter and sage

Gnocchi with burrata and fresh tomato and basil sauce

Piacentines Ravioli filled with delicious meat

To Follow

Our Meat

Meat is at the foundation of piedmontese cuisine, every dish we create is a piece of our story.

Beef Tagliata

Roast Beef

Fassona Tartare with Black Truffle



Beatrice’s pies, Celeste’s artistic flair with semifreddi and fruits will bring you to a special end of your meal.

Traditional fruit cake

Celeste Semifreddo

The Crazy Dessert


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Dear Customer, if you have any allergies please ask any information to our staff. We are prepared to give you any advice on the food and drinks served.