Homemade Pasta

Once upon a time...

Our cuisine is based on tradition

Tradition is the driver of our cuisine.. and there is nothing that reminds of traditions more than homemade pasta! Every week two different kinds of pasta typical of piacentine cuisine are prepared: ‘cappellacci’ and ‘caramelle’.

Home-Made Pasta

Cappellacci di stracotto (anvein in Piacenza dialect) have very ancient roots, already known by the famous Renaissance chef Bartolomeo Scappi in 1500, and cooked in the families from generation to generation. The filling takes a long cooking, i.e. three days, and it is prepared with three meats: beef, veal and pork. At Vino dei Frati they are typically served with a tasty reduction of the cooking sauce of the filling itself.

The ‘tortelli’, also called ‘caramelle’ (meaning sweets because of the shape) can have different types of filling. In the autumn they are stuffed with pumpkin, while they come with ricotta cheese and spinach during the spring/summer season.

We also prepare some colorful potatoes gnocchi, by adding beetroot for the pink/red color, green with spinach or also orange by using carrots. They are served with different kind of sauces depending on the season.. our suggestion? Come and try them all.